Eat the apple, but don’t blame Eve!  Evolution, Innovation, and Responsibility.  

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Why do we still choose to cultivate fear of boundaries rather than a passion for challenging them; to follow tradition and conventions, rather than follow our intuition and gifts?

Remember Adam and Eve? Well, they were created as happy people, roaming paradise and naming the animals – that makes them the world’s first copywriters. They were creative and curious, and together with the snake dude, demonstrated nice teamwork.

Taking this into consideration, it is safe to assume that Adam and Eve would certainly question authority and boundaries. Thus, it was obvious the apple would be eaten.

So what did they get wrong? Where did they fail?

Adam and Eve committed no sin by eating that apple. Their mistake (a.k.a. The Original sin) was shedding responsibility for their actions, rather than owning their creativity. When asked, Adam should have answered – here I am God, you have created me with great curiosity, creativity, and a passion for innovation. I followed all these merits. I am accountable to you for all I did, I and no other.

Be a student, a son or a daughter. Be an employee, but whatever you are, always follow your gift, stand by your ideals and ideas. Don’t freak out when pushed back. Instead, own it. Accountability is the foundation for progress. Any other reaction is the beginning of your personal exile from paradise.

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