The Hamerton team


Moshe Samouha

Moshe started the family business in 1971 as a real estate entrepreneur and incorporated Hamerton Investments in 2003, leading the company up until 2015. Today he still takes an active role in the company, offering his expertise and guidance to his sons.


Zahi Samouha

Zahi is in charge of running all operations, making sure that the heart of the business is ticking and managing the strategic goals with a very hands-on approach. He is always around.

Deputy CEO

Isaac Samouha

Isaac has the company’s long-term vision in mind. He is in charge of acquisitions and business development, with a focus on implementing cutting-edge solutions that bring Hamerton into the digital era.

Marketing manager

Ronit Petel

Ronit orchestrates the marketing efforts at Hamerton. She’s the first person you meet when you start your journey with us.
Building Manager

Yuri Yakubovich

As the building/operations manager, Yuri is in charge of maintaining the building’s primary systems. He provides rapid on-site responses to our community’s needs, making sure things flow consistently.
project manager

Nir Rabinovich

Nir oversees all of Hamerton’s construction. Whether the project is building a new cafeteria area or renovating and updating the office spaces, he’s the one that makes sure the job gets done to Hamerton’s high standards.

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Hamerton is a family run real-estate investment company. With a proven track recored of delivering the highest standard of building and maintenance to its community of international corporations.

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