Hamerton Values

Responsibility – The idea that we are accountable for our actions is the base of Hamerton’s philosophy. There is no abstract company to which one passes the buck. We all choose to take part in creating new initiatives and maintaining the Hamerton experience. The sense of duty is universal; it starts with one’s responsibility to oneself and his family, continues to both our community and suppliers, and extends to society which has privileged us all to be part of this time and place.

Taking Risks – Life and business are places to grow, and there is no gain to be found without the willingness to extend yourself a bit further then you are sure you can handle. There’s nothing worthwhile if you are not willing to take the risk. At Hamerton, we continuously seek the next opportunity to take our game to the next level, not shying from risk, but rather assessing and embracing it with a sense of urgency that drives action and progress.  

Family & Team  – As a family owned and run organization, we naturally frame all relationships as extensions of the family. We all grew into this mindset, and it reflects on all the people who are part of Hamerton and it’s community. The result is a positive vibe in which all, first and foremost us, are glad to go the extra mile for others. This makes Hamerton a team in the deepest and most fundamental way.

Innovation – The real estate business is about things that stay in there place, but the world is moving faster than ever, and we determined to lead that progress in our industry. Hamerton is actively striving to innovate in how the company is run and in the way it interacts with the community, pushing the boundaries to create significantly more value for all.  

Transparency & Trust  – In a connected world, there is no place for old-school business that’s done behind closed doors. Transparency, honesty and ultimately trust are all values that will take Hamerton and every other business to much better places – places in which more value is created, in better and happier environments, bringing a true win for all.